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Business Philosophy & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

P.S.J. Energy Co., Ltd. has established with the aim to become an important part of society which complied with efforts to drive the development of national economy. We focus on business ethic as the following philosophies.

1. We will do business ethical, transparent and responsible to stakeholders in all areas.

2. We will commit to develop technologies to reduce energy consumption. Focus on global warming issue.  Bring the balance back to nature to create a good quality of life for everyone in society. The technology is not only for lighting system but also the others.

3. We will return profits back to society. We focus on providing the knowledge on energy efficiency and social consulting about energy saving by the operational activities environmental protection campaign as well as other activities that will take place continuously in the future.

All of this is our commitment. P.S.J. Energy Co., Ltd. is ready to be a part of the society and economy to maintain our world.