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Compatible with



Recommended Areas

  • Parking lot
  • Fire escape
  • Hallway

How to select a suitable device
Select the device by the current of the lighting system in each circuit. For example, in a fire escape, there are 40 lamps of 36W Fluorescent lamp per circuit. 40 lamps of Fluorescent 36W is equal to 18 Amp(40 lamps x 0.45 Amp, from table below). All in all, we would choose the 20 amp model [PSJP-20], or we can choose the ‘one to one’ model [PSJFL-18/36].


Type of lamp Watt Amp per lamp
FL 18W 0.37 Amp
36W 0.45 Amp
HID 70W 1 Amp
100W 1.2 Amp
150W 1.8 Amp
250W 3 Amp
400W 4.5 Amp
1000W 10 Amp
2000W 20 Amp


The device is suitable for use



PSJP-10 / PSJP-20 / PSJP-30


PSJPR-10 / PSJPR-20 / PSJPR-30


The table shows the calculation of electricity


Type of lamp Fluorescent 36W
Quantity of lamp 1 lamp
Month 12 months
Average working time 30 days
Average working hours per day     12 hours
Electricity rates 4 baht per unit


Type of lamp FL 18W FL 36W
Ballast Loss (W) 6 6
Electricity per year (Baht) in proportion to usage
Energy used (kW.Hr)    100% 414.72 725.76
Energy used (kW.Hr)      80% 331.78 580.61
Energy used (kW.Hr)      70% 290.30 508.03
Energy used (kW.Hr)      60% 248.83 435.46
Energy used (kW.Hr)      50% 207.36 362.88
Savings per year (Baht)
Energy saved (kW.Hr)    100% 0.00 0.00
Energy saved (kW.Hr)      80% 82.94 145.15
Energy saved (kW.Hr)      70% 124.42 217.73
Energy saved (kW.Hr)      60% 165.89 290.30
Energy saved (kW.Hr)      50% 207.36 362.88


Example: 51 th and 46th floor high building in fire stair and parking lot


Type of lamp Fluorescent 36W
Number of lamps in parking lot 3,943 lamps
Number of lamps in fire escape 537 lamps
Operating Hours 24 hours per day
Devices Circuit based model PSJP-10,PSJP-20,PSJP-30
Electricity charge before installation 6,593,126.40 baht
Electricity charge after installation 3,296,563.20 baht
Electricity charge savings per year 3,296,563.20 baht
Investment budget 4,704,000.00 baht
Break-Even 1.43 year