The Lamps Power Controller is consisted of 2 parts; Control Unit and Power Unit.

  • Control Unit is programmed to control the lamp illumination.
  • Power Unit is taking the input from control unit to control energy supplying to the lamp.

Power Unit, each unit must be installed for 1 lamp circuit.  Types of Power Unit must be in accordance to the load of that particular circuit (measured in Ampere) and must be without any capacitor to adjust power factor.

Control Unit, can be installed with multiple Power Units providing all power units are designed to control the same electrical level.  PSJ can design and tailor the Control Unit to suit to customer’s requirement.  For standard equipment, we offer both Manual control and Timer to dim the light according to the time period.

  • Capacitor Repositioning.  To install Power Controller, it is a must to move the existing capacitors of the existing system to the position before connecting the Power Controller as shown below:


Normal Control Gear (Conventional Magnetic Type)


Power Controller Installation for Existing Lighting System