Lamps Power Controller deploys the technology to management proper electrical wave current according to each type of lighting and its related equipment (Lamp + Ballast) in accordance with the crucial variable, that is, Minimum Holding Voltage (or voltage that can hold the lamination) with the minimum impact to VRMS by applying the basic Non Critical Wave Intersection Theory.

                                                                  llustration:  Wave Current Supplies For Ballast and Lamp


Figure1 – Power Controlle Theory
Power Controller works only on non-critical area
No effects on Minimum holding voltage or Vpeak


The intersect area of the wave is the area of the minimum holding voltage and causes no impact to power line harmonic problem.  Based on the experiment, the equipment will produce THD (Total Harmonic distortion) as low as 1.6% comparing to the existing lamp set without Lamps Power Controller unit, or at 1.5%.  In other words, the Lamps Power Controller will increase THD only by 0.1%.

Lamps Power Controller will not create radio frequency interference or RFI as the unit does not operate with high frequency, but operates at 50 Hz base.  On the contrary, RFI is found in some electronic ballast supplied in the market and causing interference to the manufacturing machineries, computer systems or some POS/cash registered equipment. The equipment is applying thyrister and IGBT. types of electronic to manage the currency wave, this cause extremely low insertion loss (as low as 2%) and yield higher efficiency for energy saving result.